Gender Male
Enemies Joystick
First Appearance Easter Party

Thermometer is a character who first appeared in Easter Party.


Thermometer apparently loses his temper very easily. If he doesn't get his way, his temperature (presumably his blood pressure) goes up and he explodes and glass shatters everywhere.

List of deathsEdit

Here is a list of deaths that had occurred to him.

  • In Easter Party, he didn't like the fact that he didn't win the egg, so his temperature goes up and he explodes, scaring off everybody in there. It is possible he got an unknown penalty since possibly his glasses go everywhere and has injured the other Webdings.
  • In the Cliff Collab Entry, he accidentally gets knocked of by Bell, one of the Webdings from the Easter Party. Although Thermometer had no signs of being upset, he had fallen into lava.
  • In Thermometer Touchdown, he got cut off for no reason, and his temperature went up and he exploded, but this time with a more realistic effect.


  • He was drawn in 3 Technical Difficulties inspired by himself getting angry very quickly.
  • He was the first Webding to be drawn in a picture or toon.
  • He was the first Webding to be drawn by somebody else (MistyEntertainment with the Technical Difficulties picture).
  • Although he was the first Webding drawn by MistyEntertainment, it wasn't the first Webding used. Present, Sound Icon and Flowers were the first Webdings to be used by MistyEntertainment, but they had hands and they had their normal bodies, and at some times Present had a face.