Theater Masks
Theater Masks
Gender Male (both)
Friends Portable Hole (possibly)
Enemies Cloud
First Appearance Pivot Webdings

Theater Masks are two characters who first appeared in Pivot Webdings.


The Sad Theater Mask isn't fond of the Happy Theater Mask's tricks. Alas to him, since they are attached to one another, he always has to deal with his tricks, which could sometimes be done in a good situation or a bad situation.

List of Incidents and DeathsEdit

Here is a list of incidents and deaths that had occurred to them.

  • In Pivot Webdings, after doing a couple of tricks in front of a small crowd, they fell right inside Portable Hole, who suddenly appeared right below them. Amazingly, they jumped right out of the hole themselves, and the crowd applauded them for that.
  • They bothered Cloud by doing their tricks in Don't Play with Cloud, causing them to die by lightning.