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The story, of course, starts on a cliff. We see a Thermometer (the one from Easter Party) walking up to it. Then, a Bell (from the same Easter Party short) comes zipping in, accidentally knocking the Thermometer off the cliff. It then watches it fall into some lava at the bottom of the cliff. Then, a Red Pin (first appearance) appears and taps the Bell twice with it's sharp point and then the Bell yelps and then falls off the cliff, also falling into the lava. The Pin then looks down to see that the entire cliff is now falling into the lava. The story then ends.




  • Thermometer in this toon (the one from the Easter Party short) seems to appear fine and colored in more after it got angry since it didn't win the Easter Egg and it then exploded. However, it's fate is unknown as it fell in the lava. This is the same type of fate with the Bell and Red Pin, although they may have been fine after somehow.
  • The Pin is the only character that appeared in the entry not to appear from the Easter Party. In fact, this is the first time it appeared in the series.
  • The cliffs were drawn by Tsukubane.
  • This is the first time aerial shots of a few Webdings were shown.
  • This was the first Webding thing to air in July.
  • This movie had problems being uploaded onto Newgrounds on its airdate as there was some glitches on that day. It had to get 3 projects done because 2 couldn't even be accessed at all. Sometimes it appeared on the account it was on (mrcontesty account since it was so short and it was a collab entry), and sometimes it didn't. Originally it was also going to be shared on the nat29 account, but nat29 then remembered he didn't want it on the account, so sometimes nat29 was linked on the animation and sometimes he didn't. Other animations (including this one) that aired the same day couldn't be accessed to be watched sometimes (there were less than 14 movies made possibly due to the glitch). Later that day, everything seemed normal.
  • Until The Webdings Short Made at School came along, this short had the lowest score out of all the Webdings animations overall with a score of 2.13 (now a 2.16). Although that short since had received a higher score, so this short had the lowest score out of all of the Webdings animations by far once again, before two more shorts made at school got even lower scores than the first one made at school and this short. Before this came, the worst one was Airplane Exterminator, it was close to 2.50.
  • This has a lower FPS than usual due to it being part of a collaboration not using his usual FPS.


  • When Red Pin rang Bell, he technically didn't hit him in the right spot.