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The cartoon first starts off with Cloud walking to a pond where a duck is currently residing. However, he roared at the duck so he could get the pond for himself and scared it away. Cloud then walks onto the pond as if it was solid. US Road Sign Interstate Highway walks by and notices this. He was so shocked that he fainted. After that, Cloud climbed up a ladder, and walked on a diving board. He jumped into the pound, spots a guy who was hanging out underwater, and covers his face with himself. While the man was screaming and was waving his arms like it was the end of the world, he got electrocuted. Soon after, Cloud jumped out of the pond and left. It was later revealed that the person that was underwater could breathe underwater. The short ends there.


MistyEntertainment disliked the fact that the pond and grass were drawn using the pencil and line tool, and wanted Nat29 to use the brush tool next time. Despite that, he felt that the slapstick humor was finally used in a decent way (most likely where Cloud roars at the duck) and loved the water splash. However, he thought that Nat29 was tweening a bitamp for the underwater scene, although he told MistyEntertainment that the scene was altered in Movie Maker 6.0. to give it more of an underwater effect. He also claimed that slapstick was being overused, but loved the thunder and stated that it had few errors. MistyEntertainment gave the movie three and a half stars out of five. Avhdxrz thought it was pretty good and gave it five stars, but the original creator of the first music piece used, ChroniusNightmare, didn't like the fact that his song was used without asking, and Nat29 apologized for this. He also believed that the video was very random, and gave it two and a half stars out of five.


  • This is the only canon appearance of a mouth on a Webdings character so far (in this case, Cloud). Present has a mouth in The Present, but MistyEntertainment made that movie, so it wasn't completely canon.
  • This is the only time so far a human (or at least someone who looked like a human) has appeared in a Webdings animation.