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30 (Overall), 1 (Season)


7/24/2016 (YouTube)

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The short starts with the two mysterious figures walking slowly toward Minimize. At some point, they stop, and eventually, the screen gets brighter and they are revealed to be an eyedropper and a paint bucket. Minimize was confused at what they were doing at first until the eyedropper went into the paint bucket to collect the paint and then dropped it onto Minimize, giving him a slightly different color than his previous one. It was also revealed to be a gradient. Minimize briefly looks at his new color, then looks back up at the two figures before they leave immediately. He stares at them walking for a while before jumping in joy since God blessed him with a new design. It was then revealed that the Webdings have been officially redesigned. The short ends and shows the credits after this point.



  • This is the first Webdings short of Season 5.
  • This is the first Webdings short that was intended to be the first one of a season.
  • This is the second Webdings short that was intended to not go up on Newgrounds.
  • This is the first time custom GarageBand music AND music were used in a Webdings animation.


  • This is the first Webdings short to use the new design and the last one to use the old design. In fact, this short and the previous one were all about one of the Webdings getting a redesign in order to show that the series was changing from plain colors and black outlines to gradients and colored outlines.


  • The black glow filter was added after the title card got its zoom blurs, so as a result, the filter isn't effected by them.
  • The eyedropper should have never been completely black since most of it was clear.
    • Therefore, if you look very closely, you can see a transparent (or bright) thin line on the Eyedropper, so another symbol of him was added during the revelation scene, except that it was all black.
  • If you look closely, you can also see some transparent lines for when Minimize jumps for joy at least. This is because two symbols were actually used to make him a 3D character, and they lined up perfectly. As a result, that goof occurred a couple of times in that part of the short.