Season no.


Short no.

27 (Overall), 2 (Season)


10/17/2015 (Newgrounds), 10/18/2014 (Midnight, YouTube)



Animated by:

Mr. Contesty

Directed by:

Mr. Contesty




The short starts with panning from the clouds in the sky to the museum with a lot of Webdings in front of it in a single file while Speaker is playing celebratory music in the background. Inside, it shows E-Mail admiring Fragmented Picture for a few seconds. Then, Letter pushes him out of the way and he stares at Fragmented Picture instead. When E-Mail gets up from being shoved by Letter, he sees No Image, and also looks at him for a while, but then he turns his back on him and walks away since he doesn't like him as much as Fragmented Picture. Crickets are heard for a while, and then No Image ends up crying due to not a lot of people liking him so much (or at least not as much as Fragmented Picture). The short ends there.


None so far.


  • This is the first animation of Webdings in nearly six months and two weeks.
  • This is the first appearance of the new intro for Webdings shorts.
  • This is the first appearance of a bunch of Webdings such as:
    • Ballot Box
    • Audio Tape Reel
    • World Map
    • Movie Clapper
    • Refresh
    • Compression
    • Fax Machine
    • Pause
    • Fragmented Picture
  • This is the first time E-Mail and Letter had roles outside of being in the crowd of Swivel fans.
  • Cellular Phone, Cloud, Sun, Speaker, E-Mail, Letter, and No Image got new appearances in this short.
  • The museum used is part of the Webdings font, except that it's a bit different (like not having a door or windows).
  • Apparently, the museum has been under construction for 18 years. Coincidentally, the Webdings font was 18 years old at the time this short was released.
  • Fragmented Picture and No Image have more realistic shadows than the rest of the characters.
  • All of the music was generated by cgMusic, and this is the first time any animation of Mr. Contesty had cgMusic music used.
  • Before, there wasn't going to be any information about Fragmented Picture or No Image in the museum.
  • Fragmented Picture didn't have a final name or gender until this short was released. The name was only given to him because the creator was running out of time. He'll be renamed Fragmented Picture in future Webdings animations.
  • When this was first uploaded on Newgrounds, no information about Fragmented Picture and No Image were present, the front of the museum said "The Webdings Museum," the museum's door's window was less detailed than the other windows, and when No Image was shown crying, nothing lost any saturation. The short description was shorter than it was now and the long description said, "Description to be added" with no period at the end. The short description and long description were updated shortly after, but the updates to the cartoon were added later. It also became a video at the same time. However, you can still go to the .swf version on Newgrounds for the old version.