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Animated by:


Additional Art by:

Lalo (background)


0:09 (this entry), 5:21 (whole collab)


Nat29's part in the Sheep Collaaab comes after DIWAKAR's Moonwalker sheep, but before Test-object's "Fence Sheep Fence Sheep Fence" entry. A sheep using Cloud as a body and Circle (painted black) as the head jumps over the fence. Suddenly, an explosion disassembles the sheep. Circle and Cloud then walk and fly offscreen respectively.


When this entry was originally in the Newgrounds Dump, Jomillex liked it, but otherwise no one else personally talked about the short.


  • This short is part of the Sheep Collaaab!
  • This short was part of was released on February 18, 2015, but just hours before The Bubbles' Thanksgiving Parade was released, the creator's entry for the Sheep Collaaab on Newgrounds was published in the Newgrounds Dump. The original version has since been removed from there, but it was reuploaded onto YouTube.
  • Excluding the sound effect for when Cloud leaves the scene, all of the sound effects were created by Mrcontesty and are available on clippysounds, his Freesound account.
  • The collab this short was in currently has the highest score out of all of the Webdings animations in the Webdings series so far.
  • The short's original name was "The Webdings Sheep," but Lalo called it Geometrical Sheep, and that ended up becoming the new official name for the entry.
  • Lalo did the background.

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