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  • This was the first Webdings animation in three months (close to four months, however).
  • All of the bubbles appear for the very first time in this short with the exception of Speech Bubble. Ironically, Maximize, who also appeared for the first time, was holding the only bubble that appeared in an animation before this one, which was Speech Bubble. Music Symbol, Shopping Bag 2, Fast Symbol, and Control Knobs also appeared for the first time.
  • Yetanothejohn created the background.
  • This animation was originally not going to exist. In fact, it was originally part of a Thanksgiving collab hosted by Yetanotherjohn, but due to only one other parade being sent in, both were cut, but Nat29 decided to continue with the animation and add even more to it. In the original collab entry:
    • None of the bubbles were watching the parade, and it was only Thought Bubble's balloon that appeared in the short.
    • There was no music at all.
    • Grey Finder from The iMac Finders (a series by Nat29) was holding the Thought Bubble balloon. He was replaced with Television.
  • Three loops from RoyaltyFreeMusic were used near the end of the episode, one for the game Control Knobs was playing on his tablet, another loop for the "Technical Difficulties" screen, and another loop for the credits.
  • The credits's font, size, and even some of it's text are reused in this short from the previous two shorts. However, it was black this time due to it being on a white balloon (even the string itself was white).
  • Out of all the Season 3 Webdings animations, this one has the highest score, and excluding the Webdings shorts that were in collabs, this short has a higher score out of every Webding episode and short to date.
  • The ending was slightly rushed in order to upload it to Newgrounds at least on the day after Thanksgiving. It was uploaded at 11:58 P.M. on November 28, 2014.
  • A video version of this short replaced the Flash version nine days after it's release.
  • This is the first Webdings short (and animation) to use Nat29's custom font.
  • The title card's background used a brush created by Nat29 himself.
  • This is the last Webdings animation to feature Dagger Knife's old design, as well as the old shadows' design.
  • Control Knobs's design was used for his own tablet, except that it obviously lacks the knobs and it has a darker color.
  • This is the final Webdings short (and animation) of 2014, unless you count the The OFFICIAL Webdings Channel Trailer.


  • When the camera zooms in and darkens on an angry Anger Bubble, a small border that's around the cartoon isn't darkened.
  • Anger Bubble lacks a shadow of his own when he attacks Control Knobs.
  • When the Anger Bubble balloon goes up to the sun, the lighting is incorrect.