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The short begins with Realistic Camera walking on the sidewalk wearing Red Shades (in the most popular style Red Shades were done at the time). while Radio is walking the opposite way. Realistic Camera greets Radio, but Radio turns around. He then thinks, gets an idea, and turns back to Realistic Camera. The short ends there. It is presumable that Radio was going to get Red Shades too, but it is unknown.


None so far.


  • BoobMarley hosted the collab, Nat29 just sent in the entry.
  • This aired the same day as The Cheese and The Webdings Blast due to being part of the same collab.
  • This is part of the Abandoned Projects Collab.
  • The reason it's not in widescreen is becuase it's part of a collab that requires 4:3 size.
  • In reality, this short was started months after The Cheese, but was put before it.
  • This is the only short of the collab to keep all the main parts of what was sent to BoobMarley.
  • Both Radio and Realistic Camera make their first appearance here.
  • The name of the former episode was originally Red Shades, but seeing that the Blue Shades Webdings were originally going to be in this former episode, the name was changed to Shades.
  • This is the longest short of the collab.
  • Three more shorts, Go Purple, Tree Party, and Petition (in creation order), were sent, but Go Purple and Tree Party were claimed to be done in CS6 (it was actually CS5 at the time, but edited in CS6) and BoobMarley had a hard time trying to find Petition a spot. This, on the bright side, might mean that these MIGHT be finished. These were also created before the ones in the actual collab.
  • This is one of the last three Webdings shorts of 2013.
  • This shares the record with the two other shorts in the collab for having the highest score ever so far.