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The cartoon begins with Bike covered in red just standing there. 7 seconds later, White Square comes up and passes it, but not much as it checks on it. It takes out a picture of B, reminding it of the B submission. It then takes out a clock and puts on Bike and leaves. "Happy Clock Day!" then comes up in red above Bike. It looks at the text, then throws the clock away. The short ends there.


Madjasper1 said that it had awesome sounds, and great animation, plus it's fairly funny and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. Other than that, no reviews.


  • This is Bike's first appearance, but he is red in this one. His normal color is black. White Square first appeared in Episode 2: Swiveling Webdings, so White Square appeared for the second time in the series.
  • Originally a more longer animation would've been uploaded, but the writer didn't get the script done in time, so it was replaced with this for the Clock Day 2013 year.
  • This is for Clock Day 2013.
  • This is the creator's very first submission to Clock Day.
  • The music is a file named LACOOL.wav from Office 97's files.
    • A glass break sound effect was also used from Office 97's files for the clock being thrown away.
  • Only the grey line (the background) and the question mark (not Question Mark himself) were drawn by the creator in this short.
  • The short was uploaded later than usual because the creator was on vacation and the internet connection wasn't at it's best earlier in the day.
  • Until August 27, 2013, this animation has the highest score out of the Season 2 shorts so far. Then, three more shorts came and since they were part of a collab they got a much higher score then this one.


  • Bike doesn't have a shadow, or any props, only White Square does.
  • For some reason, in the icon, the clock's hands are at a different time than in the cartoon.