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The cartoon starts with Dog & Document in a backyard. Dog looks around, and then attempts to attack Document for no reason. However, before it manages to successfully attack it, it moves on to another scene with Girl in it. Dog jumps on her, and she gets up and laughs, then Dog laughs with her as well, but then it moves on to the next scene with Golf Pennant. Dog is still laughing until Golf Pennant rudely kicks him. The Dog comes back, angry again, and attempts to attack Golf Pennant as well, but before he does, he moves onto Airplane, but alas, the movie glitches, and then after several statics, it switches to a picture of a drawn Thermometer blown up and parts of the top on the ground. Next to it is a text saying "Please Stand By We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties". The credits then roll, right next to Thermometer.


Someone said that they didn't get it, but they assumed that's the way it was supposed to be and gave a 2.5 rating.


  • This is not the first appearance of Dog. His first appearance was in a C&C Episode where he made a cameo in the intro with the background from Golf Pennant's scene used as well. However, it is the first appearance of Girl, Golf Pennant, and Document.
  • Thermometer is not shown like it's normal Webding self in this episode. Instead, it was drawn by MistyEntertainment from a request a year ago.
  • This was supposed to be uploaded almost a whole year ago, but then he decided to finally just finish this.
  • Golf Pennant kicking Dog wasn't intended to be inspired by Garfield kicking Odie, but the creator thought about that reference a few seconds after starting to animate the sequence.
  • MistyEntertainment had done part of the glitch scene and done the Technical Difficulties image.
  • Only music plays in this cartoon, no SFX. Also, both music pieces were done by Wolfram Tones and were possibly converted by HamieNet.
  • The credits seem to be slightly longer than the cartoon itself. It, however, isn't the longest credits sequence.
  • Like Airplane Exterminator & Traveling, this episode uses mostly photos of backgrounds instead of drawn ones. The only drawn background is in the Technical Difficulties image.
  • When this cartoon got out of judgement, it had 2.58 score, meaning this cartoon did fairly better than the previous short.