Gender Male
Friends Keyboard and Mouse, Monitor, Swivel
Enemies Police Car, Stock Graph (possibly), The Crowd of Swivel Fans
Number of Incidents 1
First Appearance Swiveling Webdings
Latest Appearance Swiveling Webdings Part 2

Server is a character who first appeared in Swiveling Webdings.


Server is very techy, and constantly stays home with his buddies Keyboard and Mouse and Monitor. However, once someone comes to borrow them, Server would do anything to get his two buddies (technically three) back.

List of incidentsEdit

Here is a list of incidents that had occurred to him.

  • In Swiveling Webdings Part 2, he got right in front of Police Car to stop him and the Crowd of Swivel Fans, but all he did was got run over.


  • He's one of the main characters in the Swiveling Webdings series.