Gender Male
Friends Keyboard and Mouse, Server, Swivel
Enemies The Crowd of Swivel Fans (possibly)
First Appearance Swiveling Webdings

Circled Minus is a character that has first appeared in the Webdings episode, Swiveling Webdings.


Monitor is a techy guy that shares a house with his friends Keyboard and Mouse and Server. Whenever at least ONE of them part ways unauthorized, at least one of the two buddies try and bring the missing buddy back.


  • He is one of the main characters in the Swiveling Webdings series.
  • Whenever Monitor is sleeping, to wake him up, he is hit with a ripped off human hand.
    • Or at least, that's one way to wake him up.
    • However, in real life, slapping the monitor won't wake it up. You may have to either move your mouse or tap one key on your keyboard.
  • His browser seems to be an old Internet Explorer version, though that MIGHT change in the series, but after the Swiveling Webdings series finishes.