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6/15/2012 (in Flash Library # 1), 7/1/2012 (Standalone)



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The cartoon first starts off with Present walking outside while an airplane (not Airplane the character) and a car (not Car the character either) pass her. Near a lake, Speaker and Bouquet are outside a library. Speaker, for reasons unknown, throws a tomato onto the library. Present eventually notices this, and shoos both of them away with a sword. The camera then cuts back to Present reading a purple book which shows a screenshot of Diamond saying "Okay. The Wingdings have been developed, and now it's time to come up with a town name!" from Webdings Prologue. Present cries because of this, leaves town with a bindle, and enters Flash City. She notices that tweened fonts (which was basically everyone in Webdings City) weren't allowed, so as a result, text revealed that she was sentenced to a lifetime of frame-by-frame work. The short ends there.


None so far.


  • This is currently the only fan-made episode so far, although Artistunknown may or may not make one in the future using the official Webdings assets used for this series.
  • At some points, Present has eyes, glasses, hands and at one point she even has a mouth.
    • However, sometimes, Present uses telekinesis like most Webdings typically do in the series.
  • Sound Icon has a hand at some point to throw the tomato onto the library.
  • This fan-made episode was originally exclusive to Flash Library # 1, which is part of the Flash Library series made by MistyEntertainment himself.


  • Even though most of the episode takes place in Webdings City, the sign at the lake says "Adrellia Lake." That's because the background is mainly used for Adrellia Village, a series also created by MistyEntertainment. Nat29 has also worked on some episodes of that series.