Some of the characters in the Webding series had changed their name, or design. Anything that is bolded has changed somehow. Anything italic had changed, but turned back to normal after.

Satellite changed his name. It was originally propeller, but after seeing it in this video as a satellite, the name was changed to what it was: a satellite.

Sun changed his design. Originally it had a yellow inner circle with black rays. The rays had changed color to make it look a lot more like a sun.

Rolodex's name was originally Accordion Folder, but after looking at a pdf for names of the Webdings, it was changed.

Gift Box's name was originally Present. They were the same, but for the most part, it was a gift box.

Motorcycler's name and design was changed. It became more colored and it's name used to be Motorcycle.

US Road Sign's name changed. Originally he was Badge, but it was actually a US road sign.

ECalendar's name used to be Notepad. But it was just an empty calendar more than a notepad. Although his name wasn't yet shown, but appeared as a minor part in Portfolio, the name changed anyway.

Bell's name was changed to Desk Bell, but then was changed back to Bell again. He was noted to be a Bellhop type of Bell.

Boquet's name was originally Flowers. They were actually flowers, but they were part of a boquet, so the name changed to Boquet.